Mark James is the epitome of a Kilmarnock success story.
While he faced challenges and felt misunderstood in his youth, joining Kilmarnock gave Mark access to the support and opportunities he needed to take control and choose his path in life.

Mark started at Kilmarnock at age seventeen, following a turbulent and challenging time in secondary school. At Kilmarnock, Mark has worked hard developing technical skills through work in our factory. In 2019, he took a leap of faith, giving studying a second chance, participating in the Kura course at the Kilmarnock Academy. Through the Kura course, Mark flourished, transforming himself into a confident and considered leader. Despite his new outlook, Mark remains connected to his past challenges, empowering others around him to set their targets high and achieve incredible things.

Once convinced that his only path in life led to incarceration,
Mark has chosen his own path at Kilmarnock.

Listen to Mark discuss his journey in his own words below.

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