Kilmarnock’s Purpose

People with disabilities have long been marginalised and undervalued

At Kilmarnock we aim to change all that. We continue to uphold the values of founder Miss Christabel Robinson. She understood that everyone is uniquely valuable and deserving of compassion, support, empowerment and respect.


We are changing attitudes through education, employment, and opportunity, empowering people with disabilities to lead purposeful and dignified lives.

By providing a supportive and enriching paid work environment, we have been teaching adults with a range of abilities, the skills needed to transition into open employment. Through professional training, social development, health and wellbeing initiatives and ongoing support, we are showing our employees their individual value and giving them the confidence and skills they need for success.

Everything at Kilmarnock is a balancing act between core social objectives and achieving incredible results in a highly competitive open market. We are very proud of the quality of work we produce and it gives our team great satisfaction and confidence to know that the contracts won, are won on merit. We provide a number of services at a competitive price, including, collating and packing, assembly, labelling, food re-packing, shrink wrapping, woodworking, refurbishing, electronic waste recycling, and much more.

The amazing team at Kilmarnock are provided with the safety and support of a stable and inclusive environment. They are empowered to open their eyes to a new future where they are valued, respected members of the community.

Our Values

Kilmarnock Enterprises acknowledges and respects the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals and is committed to providing a supportive, respectful, and compassionate environment for our team. It is our social responsibility to promote equitable treatment and the elimination of discrimination in the wider community. We will operate with accountability, honesty and integrity and create an inclusive environment that is fun, rewarding, and develops individual self-esteem and value.

We will be collaborative with the community, government agencies, support networks, and the Kilmarnock team in order to achieve optimum outcomes for people with disabilities. It is with passion and enthusiasm that we will respect and cater for the diverse needs and challenges of people with disabilities and pursue optimum social and vocational inclusion.


Kilmarnock’s Partners