Kilmarnock Academy and Te Pūkenga Collaboration

Kilmarnock Enterprises is collaborating with Te Pūkenga to offer a Food Safety and Food Packing training course through the Kilmarnock Academy. Six learners from Kilmarnock Enterprises are completing the course, with two tutors from Te Pūkenga leading classroom-based and practical learning every Tuesday morning.

Our students will learn and complete assessments on five NZQA unit standards throughout the course. The assessed standards will include the management of contamination hazards and control methods, safe work practices, food safety methods and the cleaning of food production areas and equipment. Food packaging is a significant area of business for Kilmarnock, enabling students of this course to implement and reinforce the skills they are learning in their work. Combining course training and on-the-job skill reinforcement provides our learners with a strong and competitive skill set, supporting them to transition into employment beyond Kilmarnock in the future, should they wish to.

The Kilmarnock Academy programme is empowering Kiwis with intellectual disabilities to build the confidence and skill they need to take control and lead the lives they want to live.

We are excited to expand our collaboration with Te Pūkenga to offer further opportunities for Kiwis with intellectual disabilities in the future.

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