E-Waste on MetroNews

Our E-Waste Recycling operation was recently featured in a MetroNews report about waste and recycling in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Due to the accelerated rate of innovation in consumer electronics, E-Waste is becoming a significant issue globally. As consumer and business electronics become obsolete at an increasingly rapid rate, the volume of surplus-to-needs electronics, known as E-Waste, is growing sharply.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of E-Waste is not recycled but instead sent to landfills. Incorrectly processed E-Waste threatens both people and the environment due to the potential release of toxic chemicals. Alarmingly, in 2020, only 2% of the 80,000 tonnes of E-Waste produced in Aotearoa New Zealand was recycled (RNZ).

Kilmarnock Enterprises is proud to offer a socially and environmentally sustainable solution to Aotearoa New Zealand’s E-Waste dilemma. When your organisation partners with Kilmarnock to manage your E-Waste, you ensure your electronics are handled and recycled responsibly. You’re also supporting meaningful employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.

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