It’s just as well we are hugely passionate about great quality, traditional wooden toys, because that is exactly what we deliver to lots of happy customers!

At Kilmarnock Toys, we have a very simple philosophy;

Children’s toys should be lots of fun,
They should help stimulate the senses of young minds,
They should be made lovingly to last and
They should be made in NEW ZEALAND with absolutely no plastic in sight!

With this in mind and over 50 years’ experience making children’s traditional wooden toys, we have built up a large range of wonderful wooden toys as well as solid children’s furniture and colourful room accessories.

All our toys are made locally by an amazing team of people with intellectual disabilities who are learning the skills needed to reach their full potential.

We have a shop in Christchurch on Riccarton Road, or you can shop online right here.

Either way, have fun and enjoy!

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