We are so proud of what we do at Kilmarnock and we want to show you why.

A tour of Kilmarnock is not only an incredible opportunity to meet an amazing group of people, but a unique insight into the operations of a very diverse social enterprise. A tour of Kilmarnock will take you right through the factory where you will see e-waste being processed, products being packed and assembled, toys being manufactured, recycled glass being repurposed, products being refurbished, and food being packed. Not to mention a lot of smiles!

Tours can be tailored to suit all sorts of groups from primary schools, to universities, to Rotary or Probus Groups, to businesses. We can even tailor the focus of the tour – to talk more about our story, our Health and Safety experience, our environmental commitment, or our unique approach to work place culture.

Every day is different at Kilmarnock but one thing remains the same; Our commitment to providing a fun, respectful, and inclusive workplace.


We love giving presentations and it isn’t just because we like the sound of our own voice! We are incredibly passionate about the work we do and the amazing team at Kilmarnock. We are very happy to tailor our presentations to suit your audience; be it talking to students about dreaming big, young entrepreneurs about social enterprise, businesses about Health and Safety or workplace culture, or a community group about the Kilmarnock story. Presentations normally last around 45 minutes with an extra 15 minutes for questions. At Kilmarnock, we believe that the best way to end discrimination and open doors for people with disabilities, is to share our story and our successes. It is our pleasure to share with you our adventures and experiences and our vision for a better world.


Michelle Sharp


Michelle joined the Kilmarnock family in 2010 with the remit to try and achieve financial stability for the charity.  In 2013 she was appointed to the role of CEO.

She believes she has the best job in the world. Her passion is using business as a force for good and building a business that is better than the commercial counterparts.

Her background is in the tech world as the founder of a very successful telecommunications start-up in the UK.

With a passion for business and people, she speaks from the heart and is a wealth of knowledge on all areas of Kilmarnock.

In her talk, Michelle will demonstrate the importance of a strong workplace culture, adaptable Health and Safety processes, and robust business practices for social good.

Tim Jones

General Manager of Growing Good

Tim is one of the newest additions to the Kilmarnock Team, brought on to bring new focus and energy to the type of work we do at Kilmarnock.

Tim is incredibly passionate about purpose and growing positive change in the world. He believes in a world where every human thrives, contributes fully and is free from major concern. Where we all live in a manner that is regenerative to the planet that we call home.

His talk is focussed on culture, excellence, and the drive to do good in the world.

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We don’t charge for Tours and Presentations however we are very grateful for any contribution your group can make.