Kilmarnock Toyshop

Our dream is to bring a little bit of old-fashioned magic into the lives of little ones in New Zealand.

We create toys that nurture imagination, that create endless possibilities, and allow children to be children. Our products are built to last so families can cherish them for generations.

Our toys are handcrafted in Christchurch from locally sourced materials but Kilmarnock Toys is all about people.

In the past, people with intellectual disabilities have been undervalued and marginalised. Kilmarnock Toys wants to do its bit to change that. Our Toy Shop was set up to teach people with disabilities practical, hands-on skills whilst providing children with beautiful, handcrafted toys that nurture their imaginations. We present our amazing employees with the opportunity to learn valuable life skills and create unique goods. You can find out more about our social mission on our parent organisations website.

We provide our customers with high quality, handcrafted wooden toys and children’s furniture that lasts generations. We are doing our bit for the planet by using robust natural materials and building toys that encourage creativity and connection with the natural world. For years we tried to compete with the big toy shops selling imported goods but we never could match their prices. Realising we were different meant we could better understand the role we had to play. Maybe children won’t have a room filled with toys from Kilmarnock, but perhaps they can have that one toy they cherish more than the others. The toy they hold onto into adulthood and dream of passing on to their own children. We want to create memories that will last their lifetime and to make sure that us grownups can still find the types of toys we grew up with and that we can preserve our planet for our children.