Hōhepa Canterbury Partnership

We’re so pleased to share our partnership with Hōhepa Canterbury!

As the Christchurch supplier of Will&Able products, Kilmarnock Enterprises is proud to supply Hōhepa Canterbury’s community facilities and network of more than seventy houses with our range of social purpose-led eco-cleaning products.

Our two organisations have a clear and natural alignment. Hōhepa Canterbury, the Canterbury division of Hōhepa, provides a variety of services, including supported and independent living, social therapies, arts and crafts, social outings and more, designed to empower people with intellectual disabilities to live rewarding and connected lives. While at Kilmarnock Enterprises, we’re proud to support people with intellectual disabilities in building diverse skill sets, growing in confidence, and developing autonomy through our pioneering Employment Pathways Programme (EPP).

One of the most exciting aspects of our partnership is the creation of a dedicated Will&Able stock manager role at Hōhepa Canterbury. Georgie is supported at Hōhepa Canterbury and works one morning a week in their dedicated Will&Able stockroom, picking and dispatching product orders for all of Hōhepa Canterbury’s houses. When products run low, Georgie and her support worker visit us to restock and return empty containers so our team can clean and fill them for reuse.

On a recent trip to Kilmarnock, Georgie took a tour of our factory and visited our dedicated Will&Able room. She met one of our outstanding Will&Able team members, Tristan (pictured with Georgie above), and learnt more about the work that takes place behind the scenes to produce the Will&Able products she works with at Hōhepa Canterbury.

We’re delighted to be partnering with Hōhepa Canterbury to create real social impact and bring our communities closer together.

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