We believe that meaningful employment can be the key to a purposeful life for many people. With the right training, support, and encouragement, we can all achieve incredible things. We respect and cater for the diverse needs and challenges of people with disabilities to ensure that people have the best possible chance of achieving success. Kilmarnock provides a supportive environment where social and professional development is encouraged. We have a fantastic workplace culture that is based on mutual respect and the pursuit of excellence. Through professional training, social development, health and well-being initiatives, and ongoing support, we are showing our team their individual value and giving them the confidence and skills they need for success.


Kilmarnock provides a hands on, practical training environment that prepares trainees for further employment opportunities. Our workplace is similar to many commercial workplaces, only considerably more diverse. Trainees have the opportunity to gain experience in a large variety of industries including food processing, e-waste recycling, packing, and office services. We acknowledge that for many it is just as important to learn how to interact with peers and employers as it is to learn how to operate different machinery. Our training offering is broad, holistic, and tailored to an individual’s goals and ambitions. By providing a supportive and enriching work environment, we have been teaching adults with a range of abilities, the skills needed to transition into further employment opportunities.


It can be pretty challenging working out what you want to do after high school! We believe that informed choice is essential when working out what you want to do and where you want to go. That is why we offer a work experience programme tailored to suit school leavers and young adults. Students will learn a variety of skills in a supportive, safe, fun and active workplace. They will learn about workplace expectations, work ethic, Health and Safety practices, quality standards, and food safety. In 2014 we were very proud to be named as the winners of the Champion Canterbury ACC Workplace Safety Award. We also have ISO9001 quality certification and our food department is HACCP food safety certified by MPI. We are well equipped to provide the diversity and experience needed to make an informed decision about the next step.


Health and Well-being

We have a great Health & Wellbeing programme where employees work towards a Certificate of Achievement. It’s both fun and healthy! It includes:

  • Voluntary exercise & fitness programmes
  • Voluntary participation in events such as The Summer Starter and the Mud, Sweat and Tears Challenge
  • Nutritional training and advice
  • Dental and personal hygiene
  • Self-determination & empowerment
  • Personal safety
  • Safe transport
  • Junk free July
  • Budgeting
  • And lots of fun competitions

Workplace Safety

Health and Safety is a very important part of what we do. We strongly believe that Health and Safety should be simple, easy to follow, and constantly evolving. It should be deeply ingrained in an organisation’s culture and practiced at all levels.

Kilmarnock is very proud to have been a finalist twice and one time winner of the ACC Workplace Safety Management award at the 2014 Champion Canterbury Awards. We have a tertiary rating with ACC’s Workplace Safety Management Programme. All employees receive training in Health and Safety, attend regular briefing sessions and are actively involved in health and safety on a daily basis.

Does Kilmarnock sound like the kind of place you want to work?

Are you…

  • Motivated to work, enthusiastic and committed?
  • Able to manage yourself and your behaviour?
  • Willing to make friends and work as part of a team?
  • Likely to be able to work productively and reliably?
  • Able to work without a high level of supervision?
  • Ready to make the most of any opportunity that comes your way?

Join The Team

Step 1: Call and talk to our HR team about potential opportunities and our employment criteria

Step 2: If it seems to be a good fit, come and meet us and take a tour through Kilmarnock

Step 3: If you meet the criteria, you may be offered a one month work trial

Step 4: Successful trials may result in an offer of employment