Corporate E-Waste Recycling

Let us take care of your E-Waste needs.

Does your organisation have E-Waste that needs processing and recycling? We offer E-Recycling solutions for many electronic products, from photocopiers to monitors, modems and radios. 

If your business wants to dispose of electronic waste in an environmentally friendly way, get in touch today!

Our Processes

  • We believe that every organisation and individual has the responsibility to protect our land and water systems.
  • We are committed to reducing our own resource use and supporting other recycling and resource reuse initiatives; enabling our community to thrive in an environmentally sustainable manner.
  • Although we trade to generate our income, we are driven by both our social and environmental values. This means we reinvest this income back into our social mission.

Our Initiative

We dismantle a variety of electronics that are deemed to be at the end of their life, so that they can be de-manufactured to recover the maximum amount of recyclable materials. Recycling these metals plays an important role when it comes to conserving Aotearoa’s natural resources.

Our Why

Based in Christchurch, our e-waste drop-off is a great alternative to landfill, because there is no need to throw something away if it can be recycled. By disposing of your e-waste in an eco-friendly way, your business will also help us provide more employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.