Pick and Pack Collation

We can you save you time and money by dealing with the collation of items into the correct resource package for you.
Let us take the hassle out of preparing for your next corporate event by collating your corporate gift packs or documents.  Want to send a gift with cover letter to your customers? We can efficiently arrange the collation for mailing.Whatever your pre-packed resource needs we have the team to deliver results.

Sewing / Industrial

No we don’t really make alterations to your favourite pants or fix a zip but our sewing centre can meet your commercial sewing needs with machines whirring!
We will happily discuss any sewing projects needed in commercial quantities.   We pride ourselves on delivering quality items with beautiful finishes; put us to the test today!


From birdhouses to barstools, painting puzzle pieces to outfitting boutiques,
Lyall and his team work magic with timber.If you just can’t find the right coffee table or you need a ’jig’……
to make a whatsee-ma-call-it do something to a thingy-ma-whats-it……. then you need to call us!!
Enjoy long summer lunches with our hand made outdoor table and benches, for only $2,295. For orders and enquiries, please email shirley@kilmarnock.co.nz

Shrink Wrapping

Calendars, books, deskpads, pictures, puzzles, photos, art, skincare, haircare, stationary,foodstuffs, buy one get one free deals, combos, even timber panels…..need we say more?

You want it shrink wrapped, we will do it!


Kilmarnock is excited to be part of leading edge innovations making a better future for our world.

Our resource recoveries programme, including recycling and e-cycling, is expected to grow extensively over the next few years as countries face challenges with escalating waste from manmade resources.

We were a key player in the Government’s TV Take Back Programme and are now running our own Electronic Waste Recycling Scheme. We have extended our recycling programme beyond TV’s and now process a range of electronic items. The following items are recycled on premise for a small fee.

Public drop off is now at 21 Lodestar Ave, Wigram Business Park.


Got the parts but need a finished product?  We can do it!

We specialise in light assembly work, whether it be electrical, industrial or any curve ball you might want to throw at us!



Packing or repacking of goods is just one of those jobs that really make sense to outsource.

We have the numbers on hand to manage many various packing options – blister packing, plastic bag filling and sealing and carton assembling and filling are our specialities to name a few  – and of course we can label and price your goods ready for distribution to the retail market.

Food Packing

Staff in our food processing facility can easily split, weigh, repack, seal and label dried goods for your business.
We currently provide food packing and repackaging services for some of the largest brands in the country and are qualified to meet your perishable and non-perishable food needs.Having recently been awarded HACCP, we can guarantee the quality and food safety standards you require.