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Creating a World that Values Diversity | EHF Fellow Michelle Sharp at New Frontiers

Michelle Sharp leads Kilmarnock Ventures in Christchurch, New Zealand, which provides employment, training and qualifications to people with intellectual disabilities. Inspired by the people she works with every day, she maintains she has “the best job in the world” and that New Zealand can lead by example, to create a world that values diversity. This […]

Christchurch company helping people with disabilties gain NZQA | Newstalk ZB

 First published by Newstalk ZB   A Christchurch company is asking for help in changing the lives of people with disabilities. Kilmarnock enterprises has been running a pilot programme, helping employees gain NZQA qualifications. CEO Michelle Sharp says they have been funding the courses themselves through income from their factory, but they need 50-thousand dollars […]

Unlocking potential with the Kilmarnock Academy | PledgeMe. Blog

ANNA WATSON Kilmarnock Enterprises believes in a world that values diversity. It is changing attitudes towards disability through education, employment, and opportunity. It has just launched a campaign that is going full throttle on its social mission of empowering people with disabilities to lead purposeful and dignified lives: the Kilmarnock Academy. People with an intellectual […]

The rise of the social enterprise | New Zealand Listener

The rise of the social enterprise by Sally Blundell / 21 November, 2017 A new breed of business, the social enterprise, is more intent on benefiting the community and protecting the environment than on maximising profit. It was a eureka moment, though it played out not in a bath, but in the shower. University of Canterbury biology […]

‘Every day I see something that makes me proud’: The toymaker who runs a social enterprise | The Spinoff

‘Every day I see something that makes me proud’: The toymaker who runs a social enterprise By Michelle Sharp September 11, 2017 Michelle Sharp was a corporate go-getter, working for Vodafone before co-founding a successful tech company. But the Kilmarnock Enterprises CEO says she found her path to happiness when she stepped off the business […]